Let us introduce our new Sport nutritionist coach Fatma Rashad, here some words from her:

Sports and fitness are an integral part of so many people's lives , some are  looking for there next challenge , whether it's a 10km run or a half marathon, a full marathon or a triathalon , and there are those that  simply  strive to  stay fit and healthy , while keeping a balance between fitness and nutrition as well as juggling a  busy life between work and  family life which can be a challenge .
  I have recently successfully completed the AFPA  ( American fitness professionals & Associations) Sports nutrition consultant certification ,  studying sports nutrition and knowing what it means to make wise choices when it comes to fueling our bodies to assist in keeping an energy and endurance level has been an eye opener for me on a personal level .
That's why I am excited to share some knowledge with others and help them come up with a nutrition plan that will further enhance there athletic performance and improve overall energy and endurance .

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