Behind our products

How we are made to nourish your body and mind!

Our recipes are inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy of the 5 elements Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are represented  in our bodies through Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Stomach and Lungs. We created our recipes to allow the 5 elements to be released within spices and vegetables. We mix each ingredient in a balanced way to help you nourish your body and spirit whilst increasing your energy.  
Our handcrafted snacks are  made in small batches for natural perfection and they are :
1. Artisanal because they are made with authentic secret recipes, step-by-step old-school cooking methods and small batches.
2. Natural as in absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients and minimal processing. 
3. Dehydrated at 46° C to  achieve the right textures and unique flavours whilst  keep the nutrients and enzymes needed to live a healthy and active lifestyle. 
4. Baked at 150° C to achieve the right textures and unique flavours.
5. Activated by using the ancient method of soaking nuts and seeds between 3-12 hours. This  allows to reduce and neutralise the phyto acid naturally contained in the nuts and seeds; Allowing our bodies to digest and absorb all the nutrients of the nuts and seeds .  
We offer a variety of both savoury and sweet snacks and toppings, such as:
  Raw crackers: full of fiber and real vegetables.
  Healthy dehydrated chips: oil-free and packed with minerals and nutrients.
  Toppings:  some baked and or dehydrated to curve your cravings and give that nutritious gourmet touch on your meals. 
  Energy  bites: high source of protein, minerals and antioxidants.