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Our recipes are based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of the 5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. They are represented in our bodies through the Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Stomach and Lungs. We created our recipes to allow the 5 Elements to be released through our ingredients; nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and spices.


In our bodies, all of the food is digested due to our enzymes which help to break down the nutrients retain in food. During our preparations all essential vitamins and minerals are preserved since they are dehydrated at 46°C for at least 6 hours. This leaves you feeling more energetic and awake. 

We choose only the finest ingredients for our locally produced snacks; made with the freshest local vegetables and organic produce, completely free of preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, no added sugar, flour, hydrogenated fat or animal products.

Reenergize yourself during the day by buying our delicious snacks, because food should please and nourish the body and soul !


Crispy Kale The combination of kale and cashew packs a real immune-supporting punch. Kale is the number one superfood of all dark green vegetables; with all the micronutrients in abundance, it helps to fight cancer, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation and promote good digestion. 

NORI CHIPS Seaweed is incredibly rich in minerals and one of the most alkaline foods; the calcium and iodine found in seaweed are essential to promote the healthy growth of bones and a good function of the thyroid. Cashew is a great source of protein, zinc and selenium, great for immunity and to lower bad cholesterol. 


Energy Bites

Salad Toppings


Our new line  "SHAKE AND SPRINKLE"  is the perfect garnish to bring live, flavour, nutrients  and more to all your soups, salads, appetisers, poke bowls, ramen and more. 

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